Summer Camp FAQ's

Q. What are the camp age groups?

A. Junior: Age 5-7 .... Core Age 8-14 .... Teen Age 13-16

Q. My son turns 5 in the fall of this year. Can he attend Junior Camp in the summer even though the age is 5?

A. Sorry, your child must be the required age as of the day they begin camp.

Q. What should I pack for my child?

A. Nut and peanut-free litterless lunch(core age campers 8-14), hat, sunscreen, water bottle, extra snacks. Jacket for wet/chilly days. Junior campers will be given a snack daily! Lunch is provided for intensive teen camps. 

Q. How flexible are the projects?

A. Very! We show an inspiration project (or two) but encourage the camper to be open to forging their own creative path.

Q. Full Day Core Campers: What does my child do over the lunch hour?

A. In addition to time for nourishment, we encourage your child to bring an activity they can do over the lunch hour. We provide supervision but our leaders need to eat and reset for the next camp. Outdoor lunch where weather permits. 

Q. What are drop off and pick up times?

A. Drop off: 8:50 am (Junior and Core) Pickup: 11:30 am Junior, 4 pm Core, dismissal 3:30 pm for teens

Please respect the fact we are a "Mom and Pop" shop; we can't provide supervision for extended periods.

Q. How much does camp cost?

A. Please check our summer camp web page. 

Q. What should my camper wear?

A. While our pottery glazes are totally washable, some of the paints (acrylics) don't wash out of clothes so plan accordingly and don't wear that designer hoodie.