Themed Art Kits to Go are a great way to recreate the camp experience at home. Whether your kids are into FRIENDS,  dinosaurs, or aliens, these kits are a tremendous value at just $125 plus tax. We include five stand-alone projects, offering a mix of creative activities, which can be completed by a single artist or shared between siblings. Each is specifically designed to keep kids’ creative interest piqued! All materials, firing, instructions, paints, borrowed brushes are provided, plus, all dishware is food-safe, and microwaveable. DUE TO ANTICIPATED DEMAND FOR SPRING BREAK, WE ARE OFFERING 10% OFF ORDERS RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE MARCH 31! DUE TO STAFF RESTRICTIONS B/C OF RED ZONE, WE WILL NEED TIME TO PREPARE YOUR KIT. THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING :) ALL KITS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP APRIL 6 OR AFTER.


Pick up when studio is open. Delivery available within Halton Hills only. Your credit card will be charged upon ordering. Call the studio if you have questions, or to place a phone order :) 905-877-2224. 


* one pre-printed jumbo  mug 

* one blank jumbo mug

* one glass nightlight

* one "she's your lobster" canvas design 

* one toast plate


Under The Sea

* two 5" surprise creature figurines (fish, crab, sea turtle etc.)

* one premium "under the sea" mug 

* one baby sea turtle canvas painting

* one octopus 2 part trinket box



* one realistic skull 

* one pre-printed zombie plate

* one nightlight 

* one 12" x 12" canvas painting

* one mug with creepy traceable images 


Harry Potter

* one mug "Platform 9-3/4" (shown)

* 12" plate with dragon stencil to paint

* one glass nightlight

* dragon figurine

* one 12" x 12" canvas design


Unicorn Dreams

* one 12" x 12" canvas painting (shown)

* one mug

* one unicorn nightlight

* one 8" figurine

* one pre-printed salad plate


Among Us  

* one Kinda Sus Canvas Painting 

* one Imposter Mug

* one Space nightlight 

* 2 space coasters 

* one "Hats" toast plate  



* one Galaxy Mug  

* one cute space alien figurine

* baby yoda canvas (shown) 

* 2 coasters

* 1 space nightlight



* one stegosaurus

* one brachiosaurus

* one  dino premium mug

* one handprint salad plate 

* one 12" x 12" canvas painting


Glazed Expressions Creative Studio  65 Main St. S., Georgetown, Ontario, Canada