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Empty Bowls 

Empty Bowls fundraisers are a way to promote hunger awareness and raise funds for food charities. The first empty bowl event was held in Michigan in 1990 and has since become a world-wide concept/fundraiser. Food is prepared and sold in a bowl, with 100% of the profit being donated to a charity that helps feed the hungry. 

Part art activity, part cooking activity, part eating activity! It's a win-win concept that builds community and hunger awareness. Where does Glazed Expressions fit in to the chain? Providing the bowls, paints and firing, of course! Once fired using non-toxic glazes, our bowls are food-safe and beautiful to behold! The price per bowl depends on the quantity you are purchasing for your fundraiser. Then, your fundraising volunteers paint up the bowls, and your organisation can team up with a church kitchen, restaurant or cooking school to provide the food. Your patrons come and enjoy the fruits of your labours by purchasing a bowl and the food contained inside. The empty bowl your patrons take home is a reminder of the millions of empty bowls around that world that are never filled. 

To book your painting activity, please send us an email Tell us about your organisation, and how many bowls you would like to purchase. Our entire studio is available, free of charge, on most Mondays. We can accommodate 40 painters at one time and can offer subsequent seatings all day or evening long.  We can also provide you with a to-go kit for your painting activity should you wish to paint at your own venue, on your own schedule. A free painting lesson for your activity leader(s) at our studio is included, as well as all materials and tools to paint your

bowls. Depending on the quantity of bowls, firing at our studio takes 1-2 weeks. 

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