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Fired Arts: Is an art form like no other in that it involves processing not normally done with other arts. We treat each creation by students as a treasure and take the time to ensure that what we deliver is something that they can be proud of and that parents see is a keepsake that will provide memories for years to come. Everyone has fond memories of "doing clay" when they were in school. We understand budgets are tighter now than 20 years ago so we strive to keep our costs in check as a way of "giving back" to our community. We only use the finest art materials and each piece is handled for firing directly by either the owner or a highly trained staff member to produce an excellent result. Which, in the end, produces a confident response from the student. So many times we hear, "I can't believe I made that!" or "I made this with my very own hands!". 

So whether it’s a curriculum-based project, a Mother or Father’s Day gift idea, or just for fun, our Art program for schools focuses on the creative process before focusing on the end result. Building confidence is crucial - we encourage students to a) learn the skill the activity asks, then b) let them ask themselves what others might see of their own personality in their creation. AND we do this with a non-threatening, relaxed, not-too-serious attitude. We provide well-organized, stress-free programs ensuring that all the memories made will be pleasant ones.


With projects starting at just $15 per child, a kiln-fired creation is something to be treasured or given as a gift - and that's value any parent can appreciate. ANY of our Painting Options can be turned into a Fundraiser. WE control your costs, and YOU choose what to charge. All you do is provide us with the venue & schedule, class lists, and we'll do the rest! Zoom training available for teachers and staff if you would like to run your own event, or we can supply an event leader to keep you on track. 

Programs available: 

  • Painting: Tile Painting 

  • Painting: Mug, Bowl, Figurine

  • Painting: Empty Bowls What's Empty Bowls? 

  • Painting: Hanging Ornaments

  • Painting: Faith Day Plate or Cross

  • Fused Glass: Suncatcher or Tile

  • Clay Art Dish/Plate: 2 session - one to build, one to paint)

  • Combination (for High School or Elementary Elective Programs) - we'll custom build a program just for you. It can be over several days or weeks, depending on your need and budget. 

Everything is provided, however, elementary grades will always benefit when volunteers are brought in. We love to have at least 2 extra sets of hands per class in addition to the teacher. 

“Ron and his crew were nothing short of amazing.  Each and every student came away feeling that he or she had created something brilliant… and they had!  Ron provided a positive, supportive atmosphere in which every child (and staff member!) couldn’t wait to get there and didn’t want to leave. “

Bob Tadman, Principal, Robert Little Public School, Acton, Ontario

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