Covid-19 Update: We'll be rescheduling all of these amazing classes and courses once we are able! Stay tuned!  

In addition to drop-in pottery painting and glass fusing, we've been offering workshops and courses for many years. Your leaders in art are long-time creative associate Val, and owner Ron. Both leaders agree that living a creative life is essential to wellness and that life is too short to worry about the colour of your beret. However, they are serious about sharing art tips and tricks that will leave you with a "I can't believe I made that" feeling. With over a quarter century of combined experience leading workshops, you're in good creative hands :) Pre-payment is required for all courses, workshops and adult nights. Looking for something for the kids? CLICK HERE

** POSTPONED ** All About Clay for Adults 

April 22 - May 27 - Wednesday nights

Hand building techniques, pouring (molding), sculpting, slab working, and glazing. We work with your creative vision (or provide suggestions if you don't have one!) in a laid back judgement-free atmosphere. Please note this course does NOT include wheel throwing. Course Fee includes all materials, firing and glazes. 

$230 + tax

** POSTPONED ** glass fusing (5 week) 

March 24 - April 21 - Tuesday nights

You'll learn: glass cutting, design tactics, principles of firing, types of fusing, glass "carving" and more. Participants will earn 10% off all future drop-in glass fusing projects for a year.


Among projects to be completed: plate, sun catcher, formed candy dish or napkin holder, lantern inserts (includes lantern) and more. 

$210 + tax

** POSTPONED ** wellness art journaling

(4 week)

March 25 - April 8 Wednesday nights

It's no secret that art can contribute to wellness through creative withdrawal from the everyday stresses of life. In this four week course we'll show you the power of art journaling. Using various mixed media techniques and materials we'll show you how to incorporate art journaling into your daily life. $99 pp + tax, includes all materials and mixed media art journal.

$99 + tax

Friday March 27 6:30 pm (age 19+)

Build this adorable gnome from clay. Workshop includes: 

  • clay, paints/glazes

  • 2 firings/instruction

  • snacks/wine/beer

After you've built your gnome, we'll dry it for about 2 weeks, then fire it into "bisque" ready for you to paint/glaze at any time during our drop in hours​. One more firing, and you have your completed work of art! 

$45 + tax

** POSTPONED ** clay gnome workshop 

Friday April 17 6:30 - 11:00 pm age 19+

Our "traditional" Adult Night. Pottery Painting and Glass Fusing - laid back atmosphere with good music, snacks, and complimentary beer/wine. Beginners always welcome. 


Your $12 advance registration fee is deducted from the final project you select that evening. Please note a purchase is required when attending. 

$12 + tax deposit 

** POSTPONED ** adult night

Friday April 24 6:30 - 9:00 pm ALL AGES 

We'll be there for you!! ... your $12 pre-registration fee will be deducted from the final cost of your chosen project. We can help you create a special themed project, whether it's a giant coffee mug, plate, serving bowl or smelly cat! Includes exclusive use of our "friendly" silk screen stencil collection and transfer materials. Complimentary coffee/tea/soft drink and snacks :) 

$12 + tax deposit


*F.R.I.E.N.D.S.* Night

Friday May 1 6:30 - 10:30 pm (age 19+)

We have over a dozen fun designs to choose from. Complete instructions provided, staff assistance as needed :) 

Premium acrylic paints, canvas, use of brushes/custom patterns included. Even if you've never painted a canvas before, you'll be amazed at what you create! Complimentary snacks, wine/beer.  

$45 + tax

paint what you want 

canvas paint night 

Thursday April 30 6:30 - 8:30  pm ALL AGES

We'll show you how to turn a plain ikea lantern into a show-stopper! Glass fusing is fun and easy and the ultimate treasure hunt. Select your pieces, lay them out, then glue them to a custom cut base that fits your lantern. We'll fuse the glass in our kilns and replace the plain glass with your work of art. Unique, AND makes a wonderful gift. Includes 2 replacement panels, and lantern. Age 9+

$65 + tax

glass patio lanterns

Thursday May 14  6:30 - 9:00  pm ALL AGES

Mixed Media is just that: different types of art materials assembled with a variety of tools to create a pleasing work of art. In this workshop, we'll show you composition basics, colour theory and layering techniques. All materials provided, just bring your creativity! Absolutely no experience is necessary to complete this project, just an

open mind :) Age 16+ 

$45 + tax

mixed media wall art