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frequently asked questions

Q. Do I need an appointment?

A. If you are coming to do a drop-in project, you don't need an appointment. Be sure to check our studio hours before you come as they change seasonally.

Q. How much should I expect to pay for Pottery Painting projects?

A. Pottery pieces are priced individually and vary depending on their size. Price includes the pottery piece, paint, clear glazing and kiln firing. Example of pricing:

Mugs$24 - $38   Plates$20 - $30   Platters$35 - $80   Figurines$14 - $35   Boxes$21 - $30   Banks$25 - $35   Bowls$21 - $38

Plaques/Tiles$22 - $28   **  Our pieces range from month to month, seasonal items come and go!  We cannot guarantee an item be in stock at any given time. Please call ahead if there is a specific item you are looking for. If we don't have it in stock we can try to order it in for you.

Q. How much should I expect to pay for Glass Fusing Projects?

A. Prices vary, here's a range of typical projects that include glass, firing and findings (hook attachment, jewelry bail, etc.) where applicable: Ornament $20   6" x 6" suncatcher $30   6" x 6" plate $35

4" x 8" candleshield $34    Pendant or ring $20 - $26    Premium Glass is available for extra charge.

Q. Can I bring snacks in?

A. Food is currently not allowed in our studio. 

Q. What is the youngest age a child can paint pottery?

A. All ages can paint pottery, if you need help with gearing your project to your child's age level, just ask! And remember, infants can paint with their toes! Check out our Project Inspiration Page for ideas.

Q. What is the youngest age a child can do glass fusing?

A. For drop-in projects our suggested minimum age is 9 to complete a project independently.  Our camp minimum age is 8, as these are fully supervised. We have "pre-fused" rounded edge glass available for younger artists at all times.

Q. How do I know when to pick up my finished pottery?

A. Come back in 8 days to pick up your piece. Sometimes your pieces will have to be fired twice. If this is the case, you'll be notified of the delay. 

Q. How do I know when to pick up my finished fused glass project?

A. Due to the custom nature of these projects, we will phone you when your project is ready. Typical turnaround time is

7-10 days.

Q. Is my painted plate/mug food safe?

A. Yes, our finished pottery is food safe but for longest life we recommend you hand wash your items. Some dishwashers aren't kind to ceramic.

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