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Pottery Painting is easy, and can be completed by all ages. Pricing is individual and all inclusive, depending on the piece selected. Painting involves applying paint (also called "underglaze") to your piece. Depending on the effect you'd like to create, you'll need to apply up to 3 layers. Tutorial is always free :). Glass Fusing involves applying decorative pieces of glass onto a prepped base. The base will be a different size, depending on the project you select. Prices vary according to type of project. Scroll down to find out more facts about Pottery Painting and Glass Fusing, or consult our FAQ PAGE. 

pottery pieces.jpg


Pick your piece off our shelf. Choose from dishware, figurines, seasonal decor, vintage Christmas Tree, money bank or plaque. Receive a painting tutorial if you've never done it before.Leave with us for firing for 8 days. Come back and pick up your creation!  

beautiful glass candle holder.jpg

GLASS FUSING: Browse our sample projects when you visit. After a short tutorial you'll design your piece with colours and shapes you like! Make a sun catcher, plate, bowl, or jewellery piece!  You design, we fire it in our kilns. Ready in about about a week.   

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