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Q. How old do children have to be to enjoy a pottery painting party at Glazed Expressions?

A. Our parties involve an art activity and so we recommend our parties for kids turning 4 or older. If you are booking a party for very young children, please select our Junior Party for ages 4-7. 

Q. What is provided in the cost of my party?
A. All materials and instruction and dedicated host or hostess. Use of our party room or studio as applicable. Firing of pieces. Individual packaging of pieces for party participants. 

Q. Can I bring a cake?

A. Of course! What's a party without cake? Don't forget to bring special plates and forks for your treat. Please supply your own plates, napkins, and take all garbage out with you. Cake celebration is to be held after activities are finished. Exception: Glass Fusing Parties: no food is permitted a) because we need the whole two hours to create, and b) the activity is not conducive/safe for food consumption. There are cafes and restaurants within a 30 second to 1 minute walk away from Glazed Expressions for before or after food gatherings. 

Q. Can I bring munchies/pizza to a pottery painting party? 

A. Of course. ease supply your own plates, and take all garbage out with you. Please refrain from the greasiest snacks, such as potato chips and Doritos, as they mar pottery paint, affecting the end result. 

Q. Is the glass you use for Glass Fusing parties sharp? 

A. Yes, we use raw glass, therefore the recommendation of attendees being 9 years of age or older. 

Q. What is the maximum number of participants you can accommodate?

A. Our studio will seat 40 in total. Our private party room seats 8-12 dependent on the age of participants.

Q. Can I specifically reserve the party room?

A. Pottery Painting Parties are automatically booked into our party room unless the numbers deem it uncomfortable. In this case you'll be accommodated in our more spacious studio. Glass Fusing Parties are held in the main studio in our dedicated Glass Area.

Q. Do I have to wear a mask? 

A. While we are very much in favour of wearing masks in the studio, it will be an optional precaution for our guests. 

Q. Will there be other people at the studio during my party?

A. 10 am parties, No. Other time slots, yes, there may be others in the studio. 

Q. What about spectators, can parents stay at children's parties? 

A. We recommend up to 2 supervising adults stay for the party. We do not have a "waiting area" for parents of party guests, as our studio is not gigantic. We suggest a 10 am party should you have parents absolutely requesting to stay as our studio does not open until later in the day. Parents will enjoy the fact that there are local cafe's and restaurants within 30 second to 1 minutes walking distance from our studio.  

Q. What if I have to cancel?

A. Our cancellation rate is almost non-existent and that's with the rather flexible policy of cancellation with no penalty. We love our customers and we understand if something bad happens and you have to cancel.

Q. Can I decorate with streamers and balloons? Unfortunately our studio is not set up to be decorated for parties and balloons are a bit awkward around breakables. Small decorations are permitted in our party room. 


Q. What if I have other questions?


A. We're a phone call away ... 905-877-2224.

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