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Glazed Expressions Party Terms and Conditions


Masks must be worn at all times, except when enjoying snacks/cake.


Parents agree to remove any and all garbage generated by anything they bring into the studio, such as food waste, plates, wrapping paper, forks, decorating materials, etc. No potato chips/Doritos type greasy snacks, they mar pottery. Please plan on parents dropping off their children for the party. If you have booked a Glass Fusing party, please note due to safety & timing reasons, we do not permit snacks or drinks in the studio. 


Spectators: Our party room is set up for maximum enjoyment of participants. We suggest a maximum of 2 adults per party. We do not have a "waiting area" for other spectators/parents. We suggest a visit to a local cafe or restaurant located a 30 second to 1 minute walk away!


Payment is due on the day of the party.


Cancellation Policy: We are a "mom and pop" shop with families of our own & life happens! Which is why you can cancel or change your booking at any time without penalty. It's also why we don't collect a deposit.

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