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Glass Fusion Mosaic Take Home Kits. 

Create a beautiful mosaic! You will receive: instructions, safety glass, glue, a paintbrush, and random mosaic pieces. Your job will be to arrange and glue the coloured glass on top of a clear glass base in the arrangement of your choosing. When you're finished, return to the studio for firing the two layers of glass into one piece, and shaping if required. Firing time varies depending on project selected. Browse below, then scroll to the bottom to fill out an order form. We'll call you when your kit is ready for pickup. Allow up to 48 hours, plus please consider our hours have been reduced due to government restrictions on our operations. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated! 

Fused Glass Mosaic Order Form 
Please Note: The mosaic pieces you will receive will have been fired once to remove sharp edges, however, the base layer you apply the pieces to, is not.  Please supervise children at all times. Please note we can not accomodate specific colour requests, but provide enough glass to provide creative choice. Unused glass MUST be returned. 
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Thanks for your Order! We'll call you when it's ready for pickup!

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