Pottery to Go - Create something amazing at home 

We’ve got everything you need for pottery painting at home! Pre-payment is required: we'll call when your kit is ready for a credit card to make etransfer arrangements. The following options are available for acquiring your kit (pre-payment required):  

1) We'll deliver your kit if you live in Halton Hills and your order is over $50

2) You can pick up your kit at our studio during our studio hours (let us know if you're not comfy coming in and we can leave it in our contact-less drop box), or 

3) You can pick up after hours using our contact-less drop box (let us know when you're placing your order) 


CLICK HERE to see hours. 


When you're finished painting your masterpiece(s), return your kit and finished piece(s) to the studio. You can:

1) Visit the studio during open hours

2) Drop off in our contact-less drop box at the rear of the studio

When we've fired your piece(s) to perfect shiny-ness, we'll call you for pick up. You can: 

1) Visit the studio to pick up, or 

2) Grab your piece(s) from our contact-less drop box at the rear of the studio. 


READY? Let's Browse for Pieces! When you know what you want, come back here to look at our colour chart further down the page to pick your colours. 

Our stock available for Pottery to Go Delivery is listed below. Please note the word "figurines" is an overall term for "3D Objects". 

Fine Print: 


  • Due to logistical challenges (and a finite number of available paint pots) please limit your colour choices to 5 colours per piece, with a maximum of 15 colours for orders of 3 or more pieces*. You'll be prompted for your choices on the order form. 

  • If you select Delivery Option. Once we receive your order, we'll assemble your kit. Then we'll call for your Visa or Mastercard payment, and deliver to your door  within approximately 48 hours after receipt of payment. Please be patient, as we have limited resources as we continue to keep our staff at home and safe.  Your package will be left at your door. Please let us know if there is a specific spot to leave it. If you do not wish to receive your delivery unless you are at home at time of delivery, please let us know, and make appropriate notes on your order form. 

  • If you select Contactless Pickup, we will give you instructions for pickup when we call you for your payment. 

COLOURS: Once you’ve decided on the piece(s) you want, pick your colours from the chart below. Choose up to 5 colours per piece, with a maximum of 15 colours for orders of 3 or more pieces. *You are welcome to share colours, just be sure to let us know which colours are being used for each pottery piece. This will ensure that enough paint is sent for all of your projects. Important (and to avoid delay in your order):  List colours for each piece starting with the colour most needed, then the second, etc. For a penguin, for example, my colours might be BACK/WINGS: 4, TUMMY 12, BEAK: 56.  You'll find the order form link at the bottom of this page. 

Ready to order?  fill out the order form HERE. We'll call you for your credit card information (etransfer also available) once we receive your order :)